Our Purpose

At PhoneCharges.org our purpose is simple:

  • Look after consumer interests by providing clear information regarding phone-paid services
  • Where consumers do have questions about phone-paid service providers, help them to resolve their queries as quickly as possible
  • Build consumer confidence and trust in phone-paid services, by showcasing examples of positive ways they are used and the benefits they can bring

Who’s Behind PhoneCharges.org?

PhoneCharges.org was created by aimm, the Association for Interactive Media and Micropayments. We are a not for profit UK trade association. Our purpose is to create an environment of consumer confidence and trust within which phone-paid services can flourish, inside a framework of a strong code of ethics.

aimm is funded by it’s members who make up all parts of the phone paid services value chain. This means anyone involved in bringing phone paid services to you, the consumer, for example network operators, broadcasters and charities.

Members of aimm work together to build a trusted environment, enabling consumers to use phone-paid services with confidence. We believe that understanding  phone-paid services, including how to find out more information about what is on your bill, is key to building consumer confidence.