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Why are there additional charges on my phone bill?

You may have additional charges on your phone bill if you, or someone using your handset, have interacted with phone-paid services through your mobile phone or on a landline. These could be things like in-app purchases, music and video streaming, donations to a charity, voting on TV or Radio, competitions, content services like Horoscopes, or a host of other services where you receive something in return for a small payment charged to your phone bill.

What happens next?

If you have an unknown charge on your phone bill, you can find out more about the charge and what it relates to by reading through the information on this website and then contacting the service provider who has charged you. Find out who they are using the links below. This should provide you with the contact details to get in touch with the correct service provider and find out why they have charged your phone bill. For more information on how to enquire about unknown charges on your phone bill, click here.

PhoneCharges.org is an information only site, offering consumer information on how to enquire about unknown phone charges, we are unfortunately unable to offer individual advice about specific cases.

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If your network does not have their own service checker, you will be taken to the PSA Industry Service Checker.