Investigate Unknown Phone Charges

If you have unknown charges on your phone bill, the information below may come in useful to help you identify who has charged you and why.

How do I investigate unknown charges on my phone bill?

If you have an unknown charge on your phone bill, you first need to identify the service provider that has charged you. To find out who they are, use the links here. This should provide you with the contact details to get in touch with the correct service provider and find out what the charge on your phone bill relates to. If you are unable to find the details for the service provider who has charged you, then speak to your network operator who may be able to provide further details.

Should I contact my phone network operator?

In the first instance, you should always contact the service provider who has charged you, not your phone network operator. In the same way as when you incur charges on a credit or debit card, think of the service provider as the entity who has charged you, and your network operator as the card provider. Your network operator is not obliged to refund any charges so once you have the details of the service provider who has charged you, you should contact them first.

What is an “Aggregator”?

Sometimes, the service providers who apply phone-paid charges use an aggregator or payment provider to help them do this. Think of it as the mobile equivalent of a ‘Paypal’ or ‘Sage Pay’. In most cases, the aggregator will not be able to help with your query and you should contact the service provider who has charged you in the first instance.

I have contacted the service provider already. What next?

If you have already contacted the service provider and completed their complaints procedure but are not satisfied with their response to your enquiry, the next step – if you feel that the service has operated illegally or unfairly – may be to contact the Phone-paid Services Authority. However, they will not be able to provide you with a refund. Please read our section about refunds if you think you may be due a refund.

What is the Phone-paid Services Authority?

The Phone-paid Services Authority, or PSA, is the UK regulator of phone-paid services. The PSA are there to ensure phone-paid services are run legally, fairly and transparently. They won’t be able to give you a refund but if you think a phone-paid service is operating illegally or unfairly, then you can report that service to the PSA for investigation.