Paying for things with your mobile just got easier.

Three have introduced Three Pay, an easy way for Three customers to now pay for things like games, digital content, and apps from platforms such as Google Play and PlayStation Store, Spotify and more directly with your phone bill. No card details required!

This service is available whether you are on a monthly contract or a Pay As You Go customer, and you’ll get an SMS text confirming your transaction whenever you decide to use Three Pay.

Simply use your My3 account to keep track of your transactions or look on your monthly bill for a list of the services your purchased. The cost is added to your monthly bill or taken from your Pay As You Go balance.

You can even donate to charity, pay for parking or just simply set up a subscription to your favourite TV or music apps.

We have set monthly limits though for our customers peace of mind with a £40 per transaction limit. Changed your mind or need some help? You will always be sent the contact details of the merchants of the service you have purchased from in a message or on your phone bill, so you can contact them directly with any questions.

Don’t want to use the service anymore? Easy, just simply text STOP to the 5-digit code that is supplied on your text receipts for your subscription service. If you are not sure where to find this info, just simply call us on 333 for more advice.

Ready to get started and make purchasing the things you want, as fast and simple as you want them to be? Visit our website for more info:

Watch our video about Three Pay to learn more and find out how quick it is.

Three Pay is mobile billing which is also known as Direct Carrier Billing and is an alternative way to pay for certain goods or services, as the charge is added to your mobile bill rather than taken directly off a credit or debit card as it is with PayPal, Google Wallet or Apple Pay etc. Direct Carrier Billing is backed up by two factor authentication to provide higher levels of security during purchase. To learn more about how Carrier Billing works please read the articles on this subject on site.