You have received a text message from a delivery firm asking you to install a delivery tracking app. STOP!! Do not click on the link and report it as spam.

There is a new text scam flooding the UK which is infecting hundreds of Android phones with malware and spyware. You must be very careful about clicking on any links you receive in texts.

Vodafone have spoken to the BBC about this with advice on what to do if you or anyone you know receives these texts and all the mobile networks have issued warnings to their customers about this. Please ensure that you never click on suspicious links, if you think you have clicked on something untrustworthy please contact your mobile network operator for more advice.

If you receive a text from a company you are not sure about contact the delivery company’s official customer service helpline.

Industry body Mobile UK have asked users who have received suspicious messages to forward them to 7726 to report them and then delete the message.

The full story can be found on the BBC’s website.