Charging items to a mobile phone bill uses three separate methods and below we explain how it works;

The phone charges for Voice calls made to Non-Geographic number ranges starting 09x, 087x, 084x and 118x are made up of a service charge (set by the Merchant) and a Network Access Charge (set by your network provider). These two charges are combined to give you the total you pay a minute or each call depending on how the merchants sets the charge.

Voice calls made to shortcodes starting 6xxxx, 7xxxx, 8xxxx only have a service charge applied however some services may charge a Premium SMS alongside the voice call, please refer to the companies Terms and Conditions found on the Merchants website.

For purchases made using the Premium SMS or by an online charge to your mobile bill then the Merchant simply charges for their service or product.

For online purchases Charged to your Bill then the purchases may use your data if you are truly mobile however there is only a single charge on your bill for the service you purchase.

For a service charged using Premium SMS then charges can be made up of a premium SMS sent by you (Mobile Originated) and the premium SMS delivered to your device (Mobile Terminated). Both premium SMS elements are combined to give the total charge.